After 3 different attempts, none of which fitted, I finally managed on the fourth attempt to get some fittings that attached




All that was left to do was plug in the other ends to the pump




Next up, I tried to clean the sink with SS cleaner. It… didn’t work, so we will brush over that.

I recaulked the sink in place, and turned on the taps…. and the water pump exploded.

After rebuilding it, we tried again!!! and a bunch of the fittings leaked. cos i forgot to use plumbers tape on the threads. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Eventually, it all worked, and I had my first running tap. Which I forgot to take a photo of, so have this MS Paint picture instead



Ill upload the correct one when i get back from ottawa.

Next to hook up the bathroom taps, the shower, and then shock the whole system with bleach to kill any bugs. Then put in some filters