To-Do list


  • Find the nav-table leak
  • reseal hatch above engine
  • rebed chainplates
  • seal along line of toe rail
  • remove grounding plate and seal holes
  • sort out anchor locker
  • Replace nav lights
  • install AIS
  • install radar
  • clean, compound, polish and wax topsides so i don’t look like i live on MoldBarge
  • redo non-skid
  • BBQ
  • Cleanup and paint faring block for flue (it looks like shit right now)
  • Take down mast and install all the stuff sitting under table
  • install mast steps (cancelled – got a mast climber instead)
  • reattach teak hand rails
  • install new portlight as a test
  • add curtains to bedroom and head
  • remake ALL curtains
  • add auto-bilge pump back in with own discharge
  • sort out space under cockpit (find way to attach side panel of engine)
  • secure fridge/freezer properly
  • clean everywhere again (inc bilge!)
  • rebed the propane locker thingy to stop it leaking (leaking water, I should clarify)
  • replace lights with LED
  • try to suck less at sailing
  • replace compression post
  • work out where water ingress is coming from while underway (if anywhere)
  • install cupboards into vberth space, old holding tank, old icebox
  • install vents
  • install LED kitchen light
  • rebuild and fix gasoline outboard
  • add name to dinghy
  • replace exhaust elbow
  • install block and tackle into outhaul
  • install diesel heater
  • install block and tackle into backstay
  • install spinnaker track/pole
  • new transducer
  • install boom brake
  • install GCFIs and ELCI
  • rebuild water pump
  • remove old head/tank, install composter toilet
  • add galvonic isolator


Medium term

  • add midship cleats
  • build helm nav station (from starboard?)
  • redo all portholes with newfoundmetals stainless steel ones ($$$$$)
  • realign prop shaft
  • new anchor chain
  • rewire electrics
  • add new electric panel
  • redo entire plumping system
  • get a dinghy and motor
  • install PSS instead of stuffing box
  • install heat transfer system round diesel heater flue
  • sort out drainage under the head area, reseal floor, seal compression post and derust. Then hook up shower
  • get over crippling fear of going up mast
  • purchase sewing machine, learn how to use the damn thing (UGGGGHHHHHHHHH)
  • learn to knit
  • get sextant and learn how to use it
  • replace lifelines
  • add jacklines/harness
  • replace and upsize chainplates
  • sort out refridgeration system
  • intial bilge system redo
  • redo companionway boards
  • add locks to companionway hatch
  • add locks to cockpit lockers
  • get spare propane tank + storage


Long term (before leaving)

  • get crash pump and emergancy mat
  • get an emergency rudder and learn how to use
  • fix soft deck on port side
  • redo propane system??? maybe???
  • new running/standing rigging/sails
  • redo upholstry
  • remove old head thru-hulls
  • install washdown pump
  • install lithium battery back (400AH?)
  • install solar panels and wind genny (trying for 1000watts at least)
  • redo bimini (prob combined with solar addition)
  • inverter
  • rerun all wiring in nice conduits
  • build waterproof box around back of panel
  • install autopilot
  • windvane
  • Purchase/install EPIRB


  1. I just got my first boat, I started laughing when I saw your to do list! Totally love it! Started my own list too. 🙂

    • Hah, yeah! The trick is to break it into manageable chunks – or so I tell myself. What boat did you get? Best of luck on the refit!

  2. She is a Friendship 28, Holland maker. She is perfect for my short term goals now, to learn every aspect of owning, maintaining, fixing, and of course sailing and navigation, and overall gain experience. For what I want to do long term, I will need a bigger boat, but no way I could single handed handle more than 28 feet at this point. I have to admit, its quite exciting and interesting how we get caught into envisioning and fixing this finite universe for us and how we fall in love with her, well, my “her”, you have your “her”. 🙂 I do have my “to do” list, not as brilliantly detailed as yours, but the hard part is to know where to start, it is supposed to be done in a sort of rational sequence I presume. 🙂

  3. Thank you! Good advise! I like the challenge to figure some things now, she has some impracticalities that are not safe, the chain of her anchor sits in a box tied with lines on the deck. Tripping over it all the time. Not sure why they did that, the boat has that space at the bow where the chain should go in, but its not used, inside its not separated from the v-berth, and on top its locked and shut with a cleat on it. Somehow will need to get that chain in. Good luck with Gudgeon!

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