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Mast work (part 4)

Now, with all the hardware and conduit installed, it was time to run the wires. This was a royal pain in the arse. First I removed all the old wire Then I laid out all the wires, there were 9 of them. Next, I ran the spreader...

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Engine bits and bobs

Being a quiet Sunday, I decided to do some miscellaneous bits and pieces on the engine I’d been putting off. First off was to rewire the alternator. This is the original wiring   As you can see, the output from the...

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Wiring the starter circuit

As part of the electrical rehaul, I had removed all circuit wiring. After wiring up the house battery some weeks ago, now it was time for the starter circuit. This would be controlled by a single on/off switch, as part of the...

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Wiring the ELCI

My new blue seas flashy panel came with a 30amp dual breaker, which is pretty standard. I decided I wanted to have more safety than that though, so bought an ELCI. This device is like a GFCI for your whole boat – as soon...

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Changing the outlets – Part 3

I’m done! But not without a struggle. I bought new screws, that had flatter heads, and used them as shown   Then I tried to put the cover on – still wouldn’t fit. ARGH. Part of the metal box was poking out, I...

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Changing the outlets – part 2

OH GOD. Anyway, first order of business was to add connectors onto the wires. In houses, this is done by just wrapping the wire strand around the screw. In boats, this doesn’t fly for a number of reasons. I chose to use...

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My new smartplug socket (to replace existing, slightly dodgy existing shorepower socket), shorepower cord and Blue Seas AC/DC panel arrived today! Just waiting for the galvanic isolator and the ELCI switch and we are in business...

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Still cleanin’ on

Except now I’ve done the whole V Berth, Bathroom and Closet. Next is the main cabin – I’ve taken the time to start pulling out wire that isn’t hooked up to anything – so far I’ve got this out...

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