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Return From Orcas

Come Sunday I was pretty exhausted. Not from the two parties I went to on the weekend (they didn’t help) but also the fact that the boast was tied up to a daydock that could be described as ‘decrepit’, if I...

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Sailing through a winter storm

This weekend was Halloween, and my friend Elyess had invited me over to Orcas to a couple of parties, and in addition, I had shipped a bunch of stuff from Amazon to her so I went to pick it up and save on shipping. Midday Friday...

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First time sailing in rough weather

I’d been in rough weather on the boat before, but safely at anchor. I’d not been out in more than around 20 knots actual, until Sunday. Saturday was a fine day, so I decided to go and anchor out somewhere. My friend...

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Camping and storms

After leaving Orcas, I headed to Jones island to camp for the night. Jones is a state park, and has some mooring buoys so I got to try snagging one for the first time single-handed. Got it second time, using a technique Emma...

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