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Installing external Outlet

Ok, so this isn’t really external (it’s under the port side Lazarette and still therefore covered) but it was outside the main cabin and therefore needed some extra measures taken. This was going to be where the...

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Mounting the panel – part 3

Next up – sanding and painting   I didn’t take many photos here, because I was too busy trying not to drip paint everywhere. Here you can see i’ve taped off the parts I don’t want painted however. Chloe...

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Mounting the panel – part 2

Next day – more panel work. It didn’t quite fit, so I cut some more holes to slightly customize the hole, ending up with   Next, I filled all the holes with marine-tex (with the exception of the big circular one to...

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Mounting the panel – Part 1

It was time to mount the new electrical panel Here is the old panel Here it is removed   The problem was the new panel had a lot larger back footprint, which meant I had to cut out some more of the plywood bulkhead. So I bought...

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Wiring the ELCI

My new blue seas flashy panel came with a 30amp dual breaker, which is pretty standard. I decided I wanted to have more safety than that though, so bought an ELCI. This device is like a GFCI for your whole boat – as soon...

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Changing the AC Shore Power socket

One of the things that was suggested was to change out my AC 30amp shore power socket, which had a cover with a snapped hinge and was also lookin’ pretty grubby   The cable itself was also looking pretty beat up, so I...

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Changing the outlets – Part 3

I’m done! But not without a struggle. I bought new screws, that had flatter heads, and used them as shown   Then I tried to put the cover on – still wouldn’t fit. ARGH. Part of the metal box was poking out, I...

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