Back at the end of 2013 I decided (apropos of nothing) that I wanted to live on a sailboat. Armed with only a copy of This Old Boat and my blissful ignorance of anything to do with boats, sailing or handiwork I bought the first boat I looked at, a mere 3 hours drive + 2 hours ferry ride away. What a great idea!

Luckily the boat (a Cherubini designed Hunter 36) turned out not to have anything too disastrously wrong with it, so with a lot of time, money and reading I managed to get it into a livable condition. And then I discovered I liked sailing…

Things escalated from there and now, just over four years later, I’m preparing to head out around the world, leaving in May 2018. Come follow along!

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LiFePo4 Batteries: Part Three – Removing the old batteries and installing the charger

Sorry this third update took a while, I was travelling for work a lot and then got some kind of hellish food poisoning/stomach flu thing which took me completely down for a while. But now I’m back and BETTER THAN EVER with a heavy cold, but lets get on with some hot hot LiFePo4 action! Removing the old batteries So in the last post, I’d figured out how to mount the cells. The next...

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Less than six months to go till leaving date!

… or 175 days, to be exact., before I sail off and sink somewhere exotic start my circumnavigation, if I still take the 31st of May as my last work day / leaving date. I’m caught between feeling that’s soooooo far away, which oscillates to ‘oh god I don’t have enough time to do everything’ with alarming rapidity. Depending on how good a day at work I’m...

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Lithium Batteries: Part Two – Mounting the cells (first pass)

Following on from the very high level design in part one, the next stage was to mount the 8 cells securely in a safe location. This actually took a while to puzzle out and as you will find out, I’m not totally stoked on the final choices I made. So I’ll probably have to redo it all soon. ANYWAY… LiFePo4 cells don’t give off dangerous gases when charged unlike Lead Acid,...

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It got cold (or, a list of boring jobs I did)

I don’t want to complain too much after last years winter (where it started raining in September and didn’t stop until May, aside to snow a bunch) and this autumn has been pretty nice – but couldn’t it wait until at least December before snowing and getting really cold? The combined cold and wind has made getting out of bed a herculean task. Electricity at my new marina...

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Lithium Batteries: Part One – LiFePO4 design

Ok before I start I gotta give a huge NERD WARNING, as this stuff is probably going to be of not much interest to virtually anyone. Except all 3 people building a LiFePO4 on their boat. So, sorry about that. That having been said, lets begin! Gudge currently has 2 deep cycle 110AH batteries connected in parallel for 220AH and a smaller starting battery, for a total of 3 lead acid batteries. Lead...

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