Hebridean Wind Vane Construction: Part 10 (Pendulum)

So I hadn’t done any work on the windvane for a while, mainly because the next big thing I had to do was planing down a plank of wood to form an aerofoil. This is Really Hard and combined with my inate laziness meant that I just did other, easier things that didn’t involve 30 hours hand-planing.

Anyway finally I ended up taking it to Abernethy and Gaudin Boatbuilders Ltd. who are a wooden boatbuilding company. They did a great job, waaaaaaaaay cheaper than the other quotes I got. Hooray! Now maybe I can finish this damn thing! I’ve also done a bunch of other stuff but that will be in different updates. It’s also REALLY HOT here and the weather has been amazing the last few weeks – but I’ve hardly been out. Work is just ridiculous right now and is sapping me of the will to do anything other than lie on my face when I get home. Ugh.




  1. Nice to see someone else in the place I’m at to.no exactly but- It’s 100% boat. You’ve inspired me with the projects, I just received my CG Documentation paperwork, (after months and months). close to untieing the lines now.
    I started a blog after reading yours and thought a great way to document what’s going on. Check it out, just started it, trying it out.

    • Hi John, thanks for the nice words. Exciting times being so close to leaving! I’ll check out the link

  2. Hey Matt,

    Great to see things coming along, been reading your blog for longer than i care to admit. Is that piece of wood supposed to be the trim tab for the rudder??

    Keep pushing onward toward your goals and dreams bro. Have a good one

    • Hi James, thanks for reading! It’s slight different from a trim tab – it’s tweaked in a certain direction by the servo-pendulum windvane and then the pressure of the water going by it gives enough energy to turn the wheel until it’s going straight forward.

  3. Wow, they did a beautiful planing job. Sometimes it’s worth having (paying) for the pros!
    I’m four days off work and still feel exhausted! And it gets so hot I secretly miss some (just a tad) winter!

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