As talked about in a previous post, these heaters really benefit from using a fan to spread the heat around. My initial attempt using an ancient rule fan that I repaired I deemed was too noisy, so I ordered an EcoFan.

This sits on top of the heater and generates electricity from the heat of the furnace. It finally arrived yesterday and I tried it out – works well! It’s only a matter of time before I accidentally catch part of myself in the spinning blades though.






  1. Hi Matt,

    Nice blog, it looks like you’ve put in some real solid work to Gudgeon, well done! I was wondering if you had a follow up on the Eco fan. After all this time do you think it was worth the money, or would you recomend a low draw computer fan. We have an old Newport heater on our 34ft North Sea, and are hoping to disperse that heat a little better.


    • Thanks! And interesting question…

      Good points:
      – It’s an attractive fan and looks great
      – moves a lot of air
      – doesn’t need power

      Bad points:
      – can’t really position it in the correct position, ideally it’d be off to one side of the chimney blowing across it, but there isn’t enough room on top of the heater to put it there
      – annoying to keep moving before you go sailing
      – expensive

      Really a bit of a toss up. Don’t regret the purchase, but probably better options

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