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I am a transplant from England, moving to Vancouver when I was 23 with vague dreams to be a pilot. After a couple of years I moved to Ottawa for 5 years, before returning to the coast and ending up in Victoria. The longer I stayed in Victoria, the more people I met who had made the jump to living on the water. This blog is about my attempts to join them.

I bought Gudgeon (then Wind Chime) in Dec 2013, moved on in June 2014, and have steadily been upgrading and improving her. My thoughts have started to turn to cruising around the world, but I have a lot of refitting and learning to do before then!





  1. Hi Matt – thank you for following our adventures in sailing and photography – maintenance and upgrades never end! There is always something that needs doing, but don’t let it keep you in the marina for too long! Get out there and sail Chris and Wade

  2. Hey Matt, I discovered your blog via a recent reddit comment. You’re an inspiration! Keep up the good work. If you ever find yourself in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, let me know. I have a slip here at Harborage Marina with your name on it!

    • Thanks Emily! I noticed you followed ‘tuglife.ca’ which is the old web address and I thought I’d removed all traces of it – where did you find it? I apparently didn’t do a good enough job.The correct url is gudgeonblog.ca now

        • Oh, I’ll check that out then and make sure it lists the right site, thanks! I can’t move you over manually so you ma y have to refollow the correct site.

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