Back at the end of 2013 I decided (apropos of nothing) that I wanted to live on a sailboat. Armed with only a copy of This Old Boat and my blissful ignorance of anything to do with boats, sailing or handiwork I bought the first boat I looked at, a mere 3 hours drive + 2 hours ferry ride away. What a great idea!

Luckily the boat (a Cherubini designed Hunter 36) turned out not to have anything too disastrously wrong with it, so with a lot of time, money and reading I managed to get it into a livable condition. And then I discovered I liked sailing…

Things escalated from there and now, just over four years later, I’m preparing to head out around the world, leaving in May 2018. Come follow along!

A big ol’ heap of nothing

Which is basically what I've been doing the last three weeks. In fairness, I've been sent to Ontario TWICE in that time meaning I've had virtually no time to get anything done. And the times I've actually been in Victoria, it's been raining. Solidly. (we've had three...

A slightly panic inducing list

With 72 days till the last day of work, the swiftsure race and the start of my trip, here are the things I still need to do in preparation (making lists is a good way to feel like you are doing stuff without actually doing stuff, love 'em) Boat Things I can do in the...

I handed in my notice at work!

So another stepping stone crossed off. I handed in my notice at work this week, meaning that I have just 3 months left (does ALL the air guitar) I was originally going to do it at the end of the week as I was planning to leave on the 31st May, however I realised that...

Shaking off the rust. Badly.

Last weekend I decided to take the boat out for the weekend and go to Orcas, as it had been almost SIX MONTHS since I had gone anywhere, what with the painting, the battery install and the crappy weather. I didn't really bother prepping for it the night before and...

In double figures!

I'm not referring to my IQ (actually I could be I have no idea what it is) but the number of days (99) before I leave to start my trip (or as one of my friends ominously said, 'become a concept'. What does that even mean?!) Hitting such a milestone has made me look at...

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